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Hume, T
Artist Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, Consectetuer Ad
(View Portfolio)

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Star Luck Cafe
Presented By IndyFringe
Indianapolis, IN, Marion County
Sat, 11/22/2014 (View Event)

In the 1960s beatnik poetry and folk music flourished in coffee houses like Caffe Lena and the Gaslight Café in New York City. Suffering from writer’s block, a down-on-his-luck poet seeks solitude at the Star Luck Café, which has been a haven of art, poetry, and music since the beatnik movement began in the 1940s. Our poet finds inspiration and an alteration of consciousness with the help of some unexpected characters in the coffee house. Come see the art, hear the music, and you too may find inspiration! One of only six shows in the 2014 festival to receive five stars from NUVO! "Get ready for deft discourse about art and life, lightning-quick wordplay, and Moonshine's svelte, sexy dancing."
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