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Chatwin, Joshua
Purveyor Of Fine Tattooing & Intermedia Art (View Portfolio)
Black Sword Alliance
604 W McGalliard Rd
Muncie, IN 47303
Joshua Chatwin graduated from Ball State University with a BFA in Fine Art in 2008 and started tattooing in 2009 under the guidance of Craig Mathis and Dan Stewart of Lucky Rabbit Tattoo. In 2012 he moved to Bloomington Indiana and worked alongside Dave Herr and Shannon Simpson at Genuine Tattoo Company until early 2015 when he returned to Muncie and began working with Sean King at Black Sword Alliance Tattoo. In early 2016 Sean King relocated to Oregon and sold the shop to Joshua and the rest of the crew at Black Sword Alliance making him co-owner of Muncie's finest tattoo shop. When not painting or tattooing, Chatwin can be found seeking the spiritual truths re-empowering the world. While the relationships to these truths may change over time, the power of the symbol remains a constant. The deeply personal yet vibrantly public art form of the tattoo gives an unprecedented opportunity for the development of an intimately collective symbolic vocabulary that bridges racial, social, and historical barriers and will continue to empower those creating, collecting, and viewing the permanent markings.
My formal training includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ball State University. There I studied extensive photography, sculpture, video, drawing, and painting that I utilize to create intermedia works attuned to whatever media makes sense for the work. While in school, and the years shortly after, I was a member of the Student Art Gallery of Ball State, worked as an art handler and assistant exhibition designer at Ball State University's David T. Owsley Museum of Art, completed two internships at Cornerstone Center for the Arts, and served on the board at Gallery 308. Further endeavors include the on-location study of painting and drawing in Italy, and becoming a member of the historic Bristol Tattoo Club. Awards include: The Frank Miller Lumber Award, received for What Goes On, sculptural video installation, 2007 & The Prism Art Supplies Award, received for Siena, mixed media.
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Vegetable tattoo, full sleeve.
Death Always Finds Us SomeMEOW. 2011. 5 1/2" x 7 1/2". Acrylic on Board.
Gorilla tattoo.
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