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Boehman, Ashton

Indianapolis, IN 46219
I memorialize the experience of a woman in today's society in the Midwest- I memorialize my own experience and perception. I am a printmaker and book artist working with memory, truth, and fiction.
Boelter, Katherine

New Castle, IN 47362
Bogard, Emily

Bloomington, IN 47401
Bogue, Jeannie

Cambridge city, IN 47327
My artwork tells a story. My story. Each peice is a reflection of my emotions and is done with sometimes a very raw truth. I do my best to convey authenticity of whatever emotion arises as I work.
Bohannan, Angela

Evansville, IN 47714
I love to paint mainly fantasy scenes. These paintings are actually experimental. I also love to paint and draw portraits.
Bojrab, Andrea

Fort Wayne, IN 46815
I am an impressionist oil painter from Indiana. My unique style captures the everyday things in life to impress upon the viewer how the mundane and ordinary can be a thing of beauty.
Bolton, Aileen

Nashville, IN 47448
artaileen@worldnet.a ...
Bonde, David

Terre Haute, IN 47803
Using Brecht's notion of didactic theater as a jumping off point, I'm casually searching for a theatrical form that will inspire the "cleansing awe" that David Mamet refers to as theatre's highest aim.
Bongiorno, Thomas

3890 E. Dora Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47408
While I have many creative interests, my current artistic experiments involve the use of local clay and ancient technologies to produce a working kiln/foundry. The goal is to achieve internal temperatures of nearly 2000 degrees, which should be suitable for melting most metals and firing most clays. In addition, I have been sampling local clays for sculpturing purposes, carving in wood and stone (current projects include a fireplace mantle from wood and a fountain from limestone), and the processing of natural pigments for paints and dyes. (more)
Bontrager, Kris

Winona Lake, IN 46590
jnkbontrager@comcast ...
I sculpt wildlife from polymer clay and paint it with acrylics. My goal is to make my subjects as realistic as possible and to try to convey the animal's personality. My hope is to bring a new awareness of nature's beauty and wonder to the public so that they will want to help protect and preserve what we have.
Book Readers and Horn

PO Box 83
Flora, IN 46929
executivedirector@bo ...
www.bookreaders4kids ...
Book Readers and Horn Blowers, Inc. presents musical and educational convocations for elementary schools for children in grades K-6. The program is based on a historical figure and includes the culture and music important to that era in history. An instrument petting zoo follows where older students are invited to experiment playing a brass instrument. Book donations are made to the library of the participating school. BRHB strives to bring these programs at no cost to the schools and will work with local foundations and businesses to (more)
Boom Babies Dance and
Media Arts Co.

5907 Blackley Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46254
www.boombabies/eteam ...
Boom Babies Dance and Media Arts Co. is a nonprofit organization that specializes in enhancing youth self-esteem, leadership, self reliance and education through the art of dance and cheer sport.
Booth, Eileen

Lafayette, IN 47904
eileen_e_booth@yahoo ...
Currently searching for the time to make art again.
Boots, Lisa

3001 Chickasaw Lane
Lafayette, IN 47909
765-474-1114 ...
http://www.lisaboots ...
Whether traditionally inspired by Masters like Tiffany or more contemporary in design, my work is as much about the chosen medium as it is the image portrayed. When the viewer is fooled, even at times to the point of argument, that the pieces are in fact glass, I realize the greatest complement. “Light and Reflection” is the title of my collection for a number of reasons. Some are more technical in nature. Others have more to do with the “spirit” of the work. First, from a technical standpoint, the pieces need no back lighting, (more)
Boram, Leigh

Anderson, IN 46013
la.boram@insightbb.c ...
My love for art in many forms has always been part of my life. My artistic evolution has included hand woven textiles, fiber sculpture, faux finishes and detailed painting. Texture and depth depicted with paint is important to my design process.
Borders, Brian

Indianapolis, IN 46208
brianbordersindy@aol ...
My entry in to the art scene started by painting abstract designs on vinyl flooring remnants. These became mats and runners. Primed and painted, the designs were sealed or protected with several coats of polyurethane. I have since switched over to heavy weight canvas. As an exciting option, obviously, canvas is more amenable to hanging from an aesthetic point of view. I have recently begun focusing more energy on wall art, incorporating different elements to create more dimension. The themes in my work tend to incorporate geometric images, (more)
Borgeson, Tonya

Terre Haute, IN 47802
tbsmiles64@hotmail.c ...
Borneman, John

Sharpsville, IN 46068
john_borneman@yahoo. ...
http://brassman.xtra ...
Both my short fiction and poetry usually stem from what is formally called 'speculative fiction' but is better known as science fiction and fantasy. However, all my work attempts to go deeper. I do not write about the future of science, I write about the affects of the future of science on our humanity. I do not write about fantasy and mythology, I use those devices to both tell a good tale and to highlight a piece of ourselves. I am a fan of straight forward ripping good yarns as well as deep, poignant messages.
Borrasso, Josephine

Bloomington, IN 47401
jborrasso2@hotmail.c ...
Pastel Portraits.
Boswell, Indy

Culver, IN 46511
http://indyboswell.c ...
In my writing I draw from a broad set of experiences while incorporating many of the understandings that i have adopted from my ongoing study of both eastern and western religions. In my younger days, having been to "battle stations missile" more than once while serving as a junion orricer on a U.S. fleet ballistic missile submarine, I feel compelled to look for alternatives and views that most writers might not otherwise consider. After a somewhat fulfilling business career, I moved back to my small Indiana hometown where i currently write (more)

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