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Hoosier Musical Productions
Bloomington, IN 47401
Hoosier Musical Productions began as an experiment by IU music student Jonathan B. Lerner. Upon moving to Bloomington in 2006, he noticed that there was an abundance of talent for musical theatre at IU, yet the community-at-large, including music and non-music majors alike, were not aware of auditions, performances, and educational opportunities. Jonathan felt that a unifying organization could extend the musical theatre opportunities to IU and Bloomington in a productive and inspiring way. He believed that an organization such as Hoosier Musical Productions would improve the quality of life for every IU student and Bloomington resident alike. Today, with Jonathan still serving on the Board of Directors, the sole mission of Hoosier Musicals is to encourage the appreciation of music theatre among IU students by providing a variety of performance opportunities in non-professional public theatre. We also seek to preserve and advance the musical theatre genre, as well as expand its audience in both theatrical scope and artistic integrity. Ultimately, Hoosier Musical Productions strives to serve the IU community by entertaining, enlightening, and celebrating the best of the human spirit.
Hoosier Musical Productions was established in the Fall of 2008. Our premiere production was the classic musical "THE FANTASTICKS." It opened last February, played through the beginning of March, and was a huge success! Production photos may be viewed via our website. Currently, the HMP Executive Board is hard at work, preparing for our upcoming theatrical season. Unlike last year, this upcoming season includes FOUR musical theatre productions!
Services Offered
  • Performances
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Commission Works
  • Doing demonstrations
The Executive Board meets every Sunday evening at 7:00 P.M. and always welcomes people to come and sit in. Additionally, people may always feel free to contact our Executive Director (Jonathan B. Lerner) with any/all questions they may have. He can be reached at 913-484-7063, or by emailing
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