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Dancing Drum
5500 Prytania St #619
New Orleans, LA, IN 70115
504-910-9717 (fax)
Dancing Drum's mission is to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN, & INSPIRE people of all ages through interactive, percussion-based programs. We provide a complete drum program package for schools and other educational venues, including drum packages, in-school programs, standards-based curriculum materials, and professional development seminars. Since 2002, Dancing Drum has conducted interactive drumming programs at schools, museums, performing arts centers, conventions, festivals, and team-building events from California to the East Coast and internationally. Please visit us online at and contact us to learn more about what Dancing Drum can do for your school or special event!
Dancing Drum sets a high standard for inspiring, innovative arts programming. Our performances, workshops, and special events for schools and other venues are full of hands-on opportunities for participants to experience the excitement and magic of the percussive arts. We believe that rhythm is fundamental to all music making. In addition to improving musical literacy, we work to build stronger self-confidence, better cooperative social skills, greater awareness of the world, and a transformational community experience. All of Dancing Drum's programs are custom-tailored to the age, skill level, and goals of each group. Our mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire people of all ages through interactive, percussion-based programs. We utilize drumming as a gateway into multiple subject areas beyond music, integrating visual art, dance, social studies, language arts, geography, science, math, character education, physical ed and more in our curriculum programs for schools.
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    Dancing Drum's INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE ASSEMBLIES combine high-energy drum performance with abundant opportunities for audience participation. Within the first minute, audiences are playing rhythms and making music, and the fun lasts throughout the 45-60 minute show! We bring an array of drums from around the world and invite groups of 30-60 participants to drum with us onstage several times during the program. All Dancing Drum assemblies integrate music education with geography, social studies, history, and character education, giving audiences an unforgettable hands-on experience of the wonderful world of rhythm. Choose from 2 different shows: DRUMMING UP CHARACTER: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity! In this exciting, character-building program, participants will learn rhythms, dances, and songs covering character traits like Fairness, Responsibility, and Respect. This high-energy performance is filled with clapping, singing, dancing, and drumming, and over 100 student volunteers will have hands-on opportunities to play drums and percussion instruments onstage with Dancing Drum. "Drumming Up Character" highlights important life skills and teaches character education in a fun, interactive, and musical way. (Grades K-8) DRUMMING UP WORLD MUSIC: Rhythms of West Africa, the Caribbean, & the USA Take an interactive tour around the world to learn about the rhythms, songs, and drums of West Africa, the Caribbean, and the USA. This multicultural performance is full of clapping, singing, dancing, and drumming. Over 100 volunteers will have hands-on opportunities to play drums and percussion instruments onstage throughout the program. Immerse your audience in an exciting and educational program that highlights the diversity and richness of music from around the world. (Grades K-12) Dancing Drum ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCY programs can last 3-10 days and offer students the most in-depth instruction and participation in drumming, dancing, and singing. Most residencies end in a student performance on the final day. Many schools also choose to conduct a "Family Night" show for families to celebrate what their children have learned during the program. The details of these programs are flexible, and most schools require a custom-tailored residency to match their unique schedules, budgets, and performance goals. SCHOOL DRUM DAY is for schools that prefer an experience where "every student gets to play a drum." We'll work directly with you to design a customized program which allows your entire school to participate in the experience of making music on drums at some point in the school day. Each workshop may be structured by grade level, age, or other criteria that you choose. School Drum Day programs are always tailored for the size and specific requests of each unique school, so please contact us to discuss your ideas and we'll work with you to develop a game plan for the day. We'll come to your site with a large array of drums and percussion instruments. We'll need a large, open space (usually a gym or cafeteria) where we can set up our concentric circles of instruments and enough chairs for our largest workshop group. Sessions can last from 30-60 minutes, and teachers and aides are invited to drum alongside their students. In addition to emphasizing the importance of working together as a team to make the music sound great, we can add content and activities from popular Dancing Drum curriculum programs like "Jump in the Rhythm", "Drumming Up Character", or "Drumming Up World Music". During School Drum Day, the hands-on drumming fun starts during the first minute and lasts throughout the program. We'll guide students through a musical experience on drums and percussion, featuring the unique sections of our ensemble, timbres of the different instruments, group dynamics, impromptu switches, exciting opportunities for improvisation and student drum solos. This program is designed to keep your students moving, engaged, learning, and having a blast!
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We are a traveling group based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and we are available in Indiana on select spring and fall dates.
Please contact us for details.
Contact Information
504-910-9717 (fax)
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