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Haw, Marci
Paper Artist (View Portfolio)
Indianapolis, IN 46201
I hand cut original works of paper art to form images of realistic objects found in nature and cultural mythologies. Each piece is unique and is cut from a single piece of various colored and textured paper. In some pieces, to form a more realistic image, watercolors are used to accentuate the form of the object. Topics found in my work include flowers, trees, animals, and silhouettes of people. I greatly enjoy the process of image composition and the use of various colors and textures. Often, similar pieces will be cut in different colored and textured papers to achieve optimal aesthetic results. I have been involved with various forms of art from a young age, and received my arts education from Butler University.
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The flamingos are based on flamingos seen in real life during various travels. They are hand cut from a single piece of paper, accented with watercolors, and mounted on Tai Lotka paper.
This red shouldered hawk is inspired by the hawks seen in Indiana on various hiking trips. It is hand cut from a piece of brown Japanese paper, mounted on a second piece of tan paper, re-cut, and mounted on light blue matt board.
The nuthatch is inspired by those seen at the feed in my parent's backyard in northern Indiana. It is cut from a natural paper made in England and mounted on black board.
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