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Titolo, Joanne Kuhn
Battle Ground, IN 47920-0011
I like to work in materials close at hand: stone, wood, shells, bones and earthfired clay. I place the small natural items in conjunction with sterling silver in order to more readily showoff their precious nature. I also hand burnish and earth or smokefire clay in small sculptures and adornments. The process allows the clay to become stonelike once again.
I hold a B.A. from Purdue University in Fine Arts, have taken workshops in smokefiring clay , wire sculpture, and phototransfers in the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, and jewelry at Penland School of Crafts. I have been and continue to be active in local arts groups and organizations, including the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, the Wabash Artists Alliance, and Artists' Own Cooperative. I operate a studio downtown Battle Ground, IN and have exhibited widely in the region, including Lafayette, Indianapolis, South Bend, Munster, Fort Wayne, and Chicago.
Services Offered
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Offer Works for Sale
I can be contacted through my e-mail address and am available on a flexible basis.
From $50 per classroom for recycled wire works (supplies included) to $175 for a workshop in clay impressions for up to 75 students (clay included; school firing). I can also do small groups of smokefiring : the work can be done at school following a presentation, bisque fired there and smokefired in my pit. Small groups and small works.

Ref Id: 6575

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