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Baldwin, James
Bloomington, IN 47401
My painting is autobiographical, if not by experience then certainly by thought. I paint about what keeps me going during the day and what keeps me awake at night. Loves, worries, interests, concerns, intimate moments, etc. My thinking is often political but I try not to let direct metaphors become too obvious. I'm not out to save the world with my paintings, but maybe myself.
I graduated from Knox College in 2008 with a major in oil painting and a minor in art history. In Bloomington, I currently work at ReFrame ( as well as Bloomingfoods west in the kitchen. My work shifts between geometric abstract and surreal representation based on my feelings for the piece. I am a young artist and do not consider my style to be fully evolved, however I am determined to keep painting until it is. If I could have anything it would be more time to paint.
Services Offered
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Please contact me via email, I'm very busy during the day.
Materials + $20 an hour

Ref Id: 9425

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