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Harper, Katelyn
3667 Roxburgh Ct. N.
Indianapolis, IN 46234
My style as a young artist is always evolving. The current direction of my work is focused on carving my own distinct image. Expressing my creativity is essential in my artistic pursuit. I am motivated by the need to understand and to be understood where an artistic lifestyle is bound with the way of life. I look to transform the dull and the ordinary into something exciting and extraordinary appreciating what is exceptionally rare and identifying what's missing. Something intuitive, original and uniquely authentic with or without a richness in meaning. I appreciate what's true and what's beautiful and I believe my efforts will be worthwhile if you can conjure up a laugh, clear up a thought, understand something in a different way or open up a new point of view.
Katelyn, a 190 day Los Angeles native was born an old soul wiser beyond her years. Raised in Indianapolis, she found her knack for photography in her high school years appreciating the science and art behind photographs and the truth about them. Straying from leading a life following the right side of her brain, Katelyn began her collegiate studies in Criminology and Psychology at Indiana State University. However, with an unyielding personality she has never been a follower of the emblematic rules of life. With her mother’s voice in her head, it took less than a semester to return to following the rules of the photographic process. Usually noted for her determination, photography, nonetheless, chose her. Katelyn received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Purdue University. In the last fifteen months of her academic career, she gained knowledge of commercial photography working in art galleries throughout the Lafayette community. She completed an internship with the Indianapolis Museum of Art working in the photography studio and in publications where she continued as their Temporary Photographer until the summer of 2012. Currently living in Indianapolis, she has been unable to put the camera down. Still a believer in the usefulness of the photographic frame and her own framework, she is making use of her time by bringing pleasure to her senses through the eye of the lens. When not behind the camera, you’ll find Katelyn with a heck of an appetite enjoying the pleasure of good company. She benefits from her guilty pleasure of beef jerky snacks, trying to solve philosophical questions and having her own dance parties every day. Life is good.

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