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Baker, Jill
Fine Artist (View Portfolio)
P.O. Box 184
822 Tavern Street
New Harmony, IN 47631-0184
812-781-9900 (fax)
In my collage-paintings, I produce surreal images which appear to be realistic landscapes. However, if you look at them they are impossible, such as a house made out of butterflies in the middle of a beautiful glade in a forest. I am currently working on figurative works, where the person is in a landscape which represents their situation, such as the Madonna walking through a field of flowers with the baby in her arms. All of the multiple images which surround her are collaged from photographs and also represent different times during her life. These pieces are not merely decorative, but have layers of meanings.
I grew up drawing and painting and was schooled in the arts (including music, dance, literature and photography) with the hopes that I would develop my talents. I graduated from Baylor University with an undergraduate degree in English and Fine Art. I went to Pratt Institute for my Master's degree in Fine Arts. Along the way I won awards and was a founder of one and president of two non-profit arts agencies. I have always been an advocate of the rights of the artist and lobbied in Washington for the passage of the 1990 Artists Rights Bill, which was passed. Meanwhile I lived and exhibited my art all over the world and the United States, lived in New York's SoHo for 16 years and was represented by galleries there. I am now represented by Tinney-Cannon Gallery in Nashville, TN. I taught painting, arts history and arts and writing-related courses at University of Phoenix for years, at art colleges in Los Angeles and Nashville, including the Arts Institute of Tennessee-Nashville.
Services Offered
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities/Will Teach or Mentor
  • Doing demonstrations
Saturday through Tuesday each week.
I have fees for my work. Please contact me for demonstration fees. My hourly fee for teaching is normally $25 per hour.
This is a collage and oil painting which measures 2' X 4' and illustrates a fable of a young princess leaving home.
This is a collage and oil surreal landscape measuring 4' X 6' and is entitled "Arizona."
This is a photograph of one of the young boys who swam out to our boat in the canals of Bangkok, hoping for a coin. The children were golden in color and this boy reminded me of a young Buddha.
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