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Duane, Tor
Decatur, IN 46733
I, in conjunction with my fellow designer, envision and sculpt objects of a fantastical nature tempered with recognizable historic elements in order to build a visual balance and scale that stimulates and inspires. I strive to achieve sculptures that make the imagination race and the heart flutter, though the viewer may not know why. My dream consciousness and world experience direct the details that manifest as subtle stylized components that complement and enhance the overall work.
My background is primarily that of an inventor, innovator, fostered by very open-minded and supportive parents. A fan-powered air sled, inner-tube hovercraft, double-decker pool table, football throwing/catching machine, leather expression rings (SoulRing) are a few. My formal training is a degree in Radio, TV & Film from Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne. This led me to publishing a nightlife magazine in Los Angeles, a few television pilot scripts and several music videos. My feature film script called "The Day the Internet Got Smart" is in process. My new blues song "Summer Friend" is on Sculpture is a way for me to express myself in a new, enlightening way, bolstered by a stong background in mechanical engineering and a true fascination with literature and history.
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Daytime or evening.
Varies, dependent on project.

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