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Baker, Gina
Star City, IN 46985
I strive to create the world my little muses show me on a regular basis. At times they over load me with ideas, and inspiration to the point I am afraid my head just might burst. Keeping up with their gentle urgings to create keeps me very preoccupied and busy. As I am not an extremely social person, (*large crowds bring out my shyness*) so their control of my time suits me fine. I draw examples from almost every thing around me, and I study ancient history, and its diverse art forms, to glean even more inspirational ideas for my work. The variety of cultures, and their myth,legends, stories, and art provides me with an incredible treasure trove of creativity to draw on. I love bold vibrant colors, and clean lines, and I try to bring that to my work. I look at all my work as sort of Works in Progress. Each piece teaches me something new, and each piece contains a bit more progress in my technique and style. We never stop learning! I have been asked several times by what I mean by "Reality is a figment of the imagination." Over the years, I have found that we basically make our own reality, for good or ill. If we make our realities, then that makes reality a figment of the imagination. Thus we can do any thing if we can imagine it, set our mind to it, and stay on our path we can accomplish what might seem impossible at the start. It it my way of saying there is always hope! As long as we work actively towards our dreams and goals, our own reality is a figment of the imagination.
Gina Marie is a self trained fantasy artist. She has won the Froudian of the Month award, and the Enchanted Visions Artist of the Month award twice. Her work has appeared in a collaboration book containing many other well known and beginning fantasy artists, entitled "Visions of Atlantis" Her work has been published in numerous magazines and e-zines in the fantasy field. She one of several well known and beloved fantasy house artists for the exclusive web sites,, and
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