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baldock, connie
Greenwood, IN 46142
I have been participating in art and craft shows for over 20 years. I mainly do floral design plus a variety of other misc. crafts. My husband has recently started the hand carving after seeing a book on hobo and tramp carving. Our daughter is interested in a variety of crafts. Art is a family affair.
I grew up with a father who taught us to appreciate all kinds of art, music, food, hobbies etc. I remember him teaching us to draw. taking us to art shows, the theater etc.Since his death two years ago I put the following on everything. "Introduce a Child to "The Arts" enrich their life forever!" Connie Baldock
Services Offered
  • Assisting in Planning Arts Events
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Doing demonstrations
basically available weekends and evenings.when not doing shows contact me for availability
negotiable based on what they are looking for

Ref Id: 7467

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