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Adeniyi, Julius
Drums of West Africa
4037 Graceland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
In a completely diversified society, the best of us would aspire to be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less, because passing tradition along from one generation to the next is the highest honor and the highest responsibility anyone could have. Textbooks alone are not capable of doing justice to what began originally as a vibrant oral tradition. Moreover, vice cannot know virtue, but a virtuous nature educated by time will acquire the knowledge of both virtue and vice. When I pass on to eternal home, my legacy will continue to live and flourish in the generations after me.
Learned from family tradition - from childhoo, children in the family were recognized as people. We grow into tomorrow only as we live today. Learned from grandfather and other family elders. Oral tradition is highly taught in the family. We communicated verbally and non-verbally through the medium of music, dance, and visual arts.
Services Offered
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities/Will Teach or Mentor
  • Commission Works
  • Doing demonstrations
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Other
    Would perform, demonstrate, teach and involve the audience.
Not available on Sundays from March to July of every year. I currently do 250 or more performances a year. Best to contact on weekdays by e-mail or phone
I require a fee of $425.00 / day plus all other expenses to be paid for me and my group.(Lodging, transportation, fees)

Ref Id: 7359

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