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Cantwell, Barbara
2416 Euclid St.
Lafayette, IN 47909
My love of the arts and self expression includes oil and acrylic painting plus vocal music and teaching piano. Subjects of my and acrylics, oils, and pastels range from realistic landscapes to expressionism and abstract . I have been told that I have a "good eye for color" . I often work on several paintings at one time. I have been a vocalist for many years with experience in solo and ensemble work. I have been a piano teacher for 24 years.
I am a self taught artist who began painting in oils in 1986. I have exhibited paintings in the states of Illinois and Indiana for the past five years. I done comissioned work for ten years. I have been teaching piano in the states of Illinois and Indiana for the past twenty four years. I am the member of both national and local professional piano teaching organizations. My work in visual arts and music is always evolving. I remain current through various workshops and seminars.
Services Offered
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities/Will Teach or Mentor
  • Assisting in Planning Arts Events
  • Commission Works
  • Doing demonstrations
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
I may be reached Monday through Friday at my music studio phone number or through email.
Visual arts projects prices are dependent upon the size and media involved. Vocal performances dependent upon type of event. Private piano lessons $15.00 for one half hour lesson. Group of three students: Please call for most current price.

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