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Gobles, Christopher
Bloomington, IN 47401
I have always hated talking about 'what I do.' I am a performer. I could say that I was Riff in IU Opera Theater's production of 'West Side Story' or talk about my roles in 'Cabaret', 'South Pacific' or 'The Secret Garden'. I could talk about my opera credits in such shows as 'The Merry Widow', 'Il barbiere di Siviglia' and 'Giulio Cesare'. But still I would be leaving out such important aspects as my black box theater work and one of my favorite roles - Stanley in 'Smoke on the Mountain'. I won't have time to talk about my charity CD for the Crisis Nursery of Urbana, IL or the recording of 'Peer Gynt' I had the pleasure of being a part of. I've even found myself working as a hair model! Really. What do I do? I teach voice and ballroom/latin dance. I fence. I work with kids whenever I get the opportunity. I suppose I follow some sage advice my father gave me, "Whatever you choose to do in life, be the best at it." And that's exactly what I do.
I really don't have that many awards to my name. I suppose being a finalist as well as receiving the Performance Award in the Schmidt division of the MacAllister Awards tops the list. As for accomplishments, I was kicked out of the music program at the University of Illinois after recieving the 'Outstanding Undergraduate' Award and being a Dean's Scholar. I have no talent... and was thus promptly picked up by the Indiana University School of Music where I hold a Performance Scholarship. I have taught makeup and other workshops for children. I have studied Alexander Technique, massage therapy, and Hatha Yoga. I have experience with various instuments, including, but not limited to piano, guitar, double bass, and harmonica. I have eight years of voice training, four years of dance -ballet/jazz/ballroom/irish/modern, and one year of formal theater training. I have one year of fencing training. I teach ballroom and latin dancing, as well as private voice.
Services Offered
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities/Will Teach or Mentor
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Performances
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Teach Art Form
Please simply contact me via email or phone to discuss availibility. Easiest to simply call my cell: 317-373-0898
All prices are negotiable. I am aware that some budgets are tighter than others. And if I feel the project is right, I am more than happy to hear proposals. $20/hr dance lesson $25/hr voice lesson $500/live educational presentation $10/hr rehearsal time (live performance) $100/performance (live) $100/day film projects

Ref Id: 7034

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