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Beach, Sue
Beach Pottery
6220 W. Jones Rd.
Muncie, IN 47302
I make functional pottery for daily use. I believe one should be surrounded by beauty in daily life and that using hand made pottery adds to the joy of living. I make pieces for everyone to use, treasure, and enjoy.
I am mostly self-taught, though I was lucky to be able to study privately with Marvin Reichle for about 2 years. I am a member of ClayArt and of the Potter's Council.
Services Offered
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My studio and showroom are currently open by appointment only, however, if I am there, I am always happy to show a visitor around. I have days periodically when I am open to the public and an annual open studio and sale. To be notified of these dates, please send me your mailing address or e-mail.
My pottery is modestly priced. I want it to be affordable to everyone who loves pottery. Items range in price from $5 - $300 with most falling in the $15-$30 range.

Ref Id: 6462

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