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Anderson, Scott
Hartford City, IN 47348
812-855-7498 (fax)
The word I use to describe my paintings is Dyscrasia. Dyscrasia means an abnormality of the body, or bad mixtures, or poison blood. This word summarizes my reactions to social, and natural systems that have gone awry, that have been abused or have been intentionally or unintentionally misinterpreted. The abnormality of the social or natural body stands as a totem that represents the history of Utopian and Fundamentalist perceptions. Bad mixtures are the concussion that occurs when two legitimate yet incompatible value systems meet. Poison blood is a metaphor for dogma crushing tolerance. Abnormality of the Body The disparate elements in my paintings point to the dilemma I find in outlining and comparing cultural constructions such as religion, gender, education, science, and history. These paintings represent idea systems in conflict. My goal is to find an ethical catharsis between attraction and doubt. I am interested in comparing the intentions and the necessities of social systems against the limits and fallacies systems can impose. Bad Mixtures I am intrigued when two legitimate but opposing ideologies collide. I see myself as a gleaner following in the wake of these collisions. I am painting the wake of that impact. The paintings present a mixture of styles, surfaces, and symbols, appropriated images and diaristic forms that have been assembled into a contrasting visual stew. The symbolic components in the paintings become actors or combatants that perform on a conceptually collaged stage. In the paintings, the floating signs and elements are enigmatically connected. The buoyed symbols offer possibilities and give psychological impressions. The surfaces of the various elements have been stripped away, their façades deleted and there interiors revealed. Meanings and implications are up in the air. The important essences are left to be contended with and to be assimilated into a disquieting, yet jocular dream space. Poison Blood The focus of my critique is on Utopian and Fundamentalist ideologies. I see myself as performing the role of mythologist. The work is an attempt to disentangle myths potentiality from ideological disasters. Many of my paintings contain elements that are boarded up, stacked and heaped. This refers to the cultural habit of a quick fix; to patch, bandage and mend hastily rather than make more difficult core repairs. The parables I am relating reject singular meanings and absolute truths. The paintings attempt to convey that although ethical, moral and reasoned decisions are difficult they are negotiable and that the expedition is best fulfilled when it considers diverse views. In the paintings I am interested not in a singular visual meaning, but for a visual experience with numerous manifestations and potentialities.
Born in Lubbock Texas in 1959, Mr. Anderson Received a BFA from Texas Tech University in 1982 and an MFA from West Virginia University in 1993 both degrees had an emphasis in painting. Mr. Anderson is an Assistant Professor teaching Painting and Drawing in the Art Department at Ball State University since 1995. In 1998 he was nominated for the Dean's Teaching Award in the College of Fine Arts. He has been nominated twice for Who's Who Among Americas Teachers, in 2001 and 1998. He has exhibited his paintings professionally for the past twenty four years in galleries, museums, national, international and regional juried offerings. His paintings are executed in thematic groups or as a series in a variety of medias. The paintings are whimsical and critical readings of political and social conflicts and explore specific autobiographical and philosophical questions. The elements in the paintings symbolize the dilemma in reconciling, decoding and comparing cultural constructions such as religion, gender, education, science, history and attempt to glean a sense of reasoned discourse. His most recent series of paintings is Primordial Trees and Fruits and continues his interest in opposites. He exhibited his work in 10 regional exhibitions in 2007 winning 7 awards. In 2006 he exhibited in 1 international exhibition winning 1 of 4 top prizes, 2 national exhibitions winning a juror's choice award and 5 regional exhibitions winning 3 merit awards.
Services Offered
  • Commission Works
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Doing demonstrations
I can be available to do demonstrations or presentations but because of my teaching schedule I will need a good bit of lead time to prepare. Times when I am less available are in August, September, December, January, and May.The best way to reach me is through email or by telephone.
For community organizations, schools and educational events the fee could be minimal to cover potential expenses.

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