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WME3tv videozine
Bloomington, IN 47408
WME3tv is a community access television show that highlights neglected news, arts & activism. We help organizations with community outreach by doing organizational profiles & covering events. I also recently cut a PSA for the City of Bloomington's Commission on Sustainabilty. From interviews with visual & musical artists to covering public demonstrations by activist groups, WME3tv seeks to give voice to those not heard in mainstream media.
WME3tv has been airing regularly on CATS Cable Ch. 3 & Campus Ch. 41 in Bloomington, Indiana since Fall '04. Airing on Insight cable Wed.s @ 8:PM & Sat.s @ 10:PM. To be mentioned in the latest report to the City as a vital & interesting part of their line-up.
Services Offered
  • Other
    Public Outreach, Publicity, Community Event coverage, Journalism, Promotion
anytime. Show airs Wed.s @ 8:PM & Sat.s @ 10:PM on CATS cable ch. 3 & campus ch. 41 (I.U.)
Visitor Information Open to events & org.s around Indiana.
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Ref Id: 3629

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