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Bands of America, Inc.
39 W. Jackson Place, Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46225
317-524-6200 (fax)
Bands of America’s mission is to create and provide "positively life-changing" experiences for students, teachers, parents and communities. Founded in 1975, Bands of America is the nation's leading presenter of music events for high school band students. Playing to a national audience of band students, families, teachers and enthusiasts, Bands of America's mission is infused with a positive vision that touches lives forever. More than 200,000 teens, family members and enthusiasts attend Bands of America events each year; more than 70,000 those are teens. Three million instrumental music students have access to Bands of America through our national newsletter, Web site, video productions and other print materials.
Bands of America began 28 years ago with a three-day workshop and summer national marching band championship in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Founded by Larry McCormick, a former band director and percussionist, BOA was originally known as "MBA" - Marching Bands of America. With the sale of the parent company in 1984 Bands of America became an independent 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization. Today, Bands of America's events include more than 20 events nationwide, including the Grand National Championship, National Concert Band Festival, Summer Band Symposium, 14 Regional Championships, and student leadership clinics
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317-524-6200 (fax)

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