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McElfresh, Angi
Community Activist & Professional Auction House (View Portfolio)
722 S. Liberty Street
Muncie, IN 47305
Co-own our downtown Muncie Auction House - Mr Bid - we are located on S. Liberty in the old industrial Norandex warehouse. Individuals and/or businesses can drop off item(s) to be auctioned. In addition, Angi & Troy are passionate about supporting their local community & held their first ever 'Fundraising Auction" for Camp Chesterfield, whose campus suffered severe building damage as a result of multiple tornado's that ripped thru Indiana earlier in 2016. Angi plans on expanding the Auction House's Fundraising in 2017 & hopes to incorporate the local downtown Muncie artists to get involved. Troy and Angi offer their Auction House services as part of a donation to raise funds for any type of community need: from Church Mission Trip, to Summer T-Ball Little League. Contact Troy and Angi at 765-730-2612. Angi is excited to be launching a new line in 2017 that partners up with local artisans around Delaware County. This line is called Wonderland Curiosities; their initial launch focuses on the vintage Blythe Doll offering customization, new doll clothing and accessories for the 11in Blythe doll and the 18in American Girl dolls. Angi is planning to partner up with artisans interested in fashion design, fashion alteration, fashion material sourcing, branding & offering mentorship to those who may lack experience in launching a new business startup, marketing, project management & more! Angi is very excited & hopeful she will find individuals who want to stretch their Artistical Arms and open to expanding into new areas of design and growth.
Angi is a Registered Nurse with an advanced Business Degree, who specialized in statistical data mining, remote employment/training, project management, both U.S. & International Outsourcing contracts with Federal and State Regulatory Oversight in the health insurance field under Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance. Her last position was with Anthem/Wellpoint, where she was in charge of the Medicare Health Program in New York and Connecticut, she had over 85 professional skilled medical employees & 100 non-skilled call center and support staff, both located in various office locations in Brooklyn, California, Indy & remote home based staff. Angi began showing chronic health ailments in 2011, that ultimately led to 2 years being bed bound & almost losing her life. She underwent serious brain surgery summer of 2016, to attempt to improve her quality of life. The left side of her brain has stenosis, meaning the artieries/veins do not work, there is no bloodflow to the left side of her brain. Dr Silvidi placed in brain shunt in the middle of her brain in hopes to alleviate her symptoms, but at this time, their is no cure or surgery to fix the bloodflow. This life altering experience, impacted both Angi and Troy, resulting in Troy retiring from Indiana State Police to launching their downtown Muncie Auction House. Thankful for a second chance, Angi embraces all aspects of the Arts. Excited to now have the time to pursue her lifelong passion of arts. She has a studio located at their Auction House warehouse located at 722 S Liberty St, Muncie in the old Norandex industrial warehouse. Angi's goal for 2017, is to connect to the local downtown and Muncie art networks. She looks forward to growing and learning from other talented artists.
Services Offered
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities/Will Teach or Mentor
  • Assisting in Planning Arts Events
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Performances
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Other
    Our Auction House can provide a variety of services & assistance. We are not the typical Auction House, Mr Bid launched January 2016. We had a very successful first year in business. Our Auction House does not routinely hold live on-site auctions. Instead, it is our branding "Taking Local Auctions Global" - we aggressively integrate social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube) in all aspects of our Auction House. Especially targeting local residents with specific keywords, including we are very driven in supporting our local community of individuals and/or small businesses to foster support and growth. Therefore, we offer many business type auctions, industrial type, personal based & 2 very special areas of interest that we are very proud of and will continue our commitment to Fundraising Auctions and Auctioning Art (including services and/or pieces) - We hope to partner with ArtWalk in the future and offer fundraising opportunities to award local students in paying for Art classes or training. Our first fundraiser auction in 2016 for Camp Chesterfield raised over $5000 in only 2 weeks with donations; while working with Camp Chesterfield - who had no experience with Auctions or Fundraising. The bulk of our Auctions are held online, we offer Worldwide shipping & have Buyers located in Europe, South America & Canada to name a few. We can conduct Auction business anywhere in the United States. We offer many different Auction Services that we individualize to work with our clients. To utilize our Auction House, you do not have to be located in the Muncie area or Indiana. We are happy to provide you additional information & discuss our professional services, despite your location. In addition, our team features a variety of professionals that are focused on building new clientele and partnerships. Including new ventures.
We are available at varying days and times. Please contact Troy McElfresh at 765-730-2612, if you get his voicemail, just leave a message and include that you are connected to Indiana Arts & Angi, then he will return you call same day. Feel free to visit our website at or email us at Our warehouse is located at 722 S. Liberty St. Muncie, just south of the Children's Museum parking lot. our warehouse is located between the 2 sets of railroad tracks
We offer consulting services and are happy to discuss potential partnerships working with individuals, other businesses or non-profit organizations. We are happy to discuss possible methods of how our Auction House can support or partner. Our professional services do not cost any out of pocket expenses to potential clients looking to Auction item(s) - including their artwork. Our large worldwide network includes collectors, active artists and lovers of all art. If you are located out of State, our initial contact is via telephone and/or video chat, then it is following up with an email featuring the summarization of our initial meeting. We do offer our Professional Fundraising Event Auctioneer Services, that includes a full-team to ensure any event from a local summer festival to a grand black tie formal event is a fun-filled positive experience for all involved.
Mr Bid Auctions LLC, located 722 S. Liberty Street, Muncie, Indiana 47305. Email: Website: FaceBook: Instagram: You Tube: 765-730-2612 A professional Auction House "Taking Local Auctions Global" - our Auction House stays at the leading edge of technology, embracing today's real-time connection via smart phones. Our team includes professional photographers, freelance professional writers, marketing specialists, social media experts, networking professionals that connect us Worldwide with others. We are transforming how an Auction House conducts business, integrating an aggressive targeted social media and embracing potential Worldwide opportunities
Angi McElfresh, is married to Troy McElfresh. They reside in the Farmington Addition, in Muncie. Their Auction House is located in downtown Muncie, in the old Norandex industrial warehouse. They have owned their downtown warehouse since 2009, conducting several new business launches that are still operational today, including a large B2B distributing company that sell to businesses, especially small businesses or individuals who sell in a vendor type temporary location. They stock merchandise packaging (glass bottles, canning jars, boxes, etc) and retail display merchandise to retail storefronts or temporary locations for vendors
Hank the Tank is Mr Bid Auctions celebrity chihuahua. Hank is often found at the Auction House warehouse, where he happily accepts dog treats and attention!
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