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Dorofeeva, Irina
Silk Artist (View Portfolio)
South Bend, IN 46616
Silk painting has been a primary fascination for me over the last several years. I enjoy exploring the diverse effects that come when I apply paint to silk. This, further, sparks my creativity. My works are the mixture of abstraction and reality which reflects my particular experiences in life. Some of my works focus on nature and are inspired by landscapes, both Russian and American. I am touched by the remembrance of forests, fields, rivers and small countries in Russia. I am inspired, too, by the beautiful lakes, mountains and shore lines in America. All these themes interconnect in my work and are sources for my art. Other works, my still lifes, portray the beauty of plant and flowers, their forms and colors. Sometime I think of my work as a musical performance. I imagine that each flower, each leaf has its own voice and contribute to great song of life. I am interested in composition, in arranging shapes and colors, in exploring the diversity of forms and structures. I find that silk painting is the best medium to do that. In this manner, I try to connect with the viewer through my work. I try to share the pleasure of discovering beauty in the world around me.
I grew up in Russia, near Moscow. I studied art at the Art School in Zhukovsky. I always liked to paint and work, as well, in other forms of creative art. I took different art classes and workshops in different media during my student time. But when discover the world of silk painting, it quickly became my passion. I spent all my free time on the silk paintings. When I moved to the USA I entered the University of Notre Dame as graduate students. I was taking classes in the art department and continued to improve my skills as an artist. Some of my work is a reflection upon reality, based on my own experience; other work is more imaginary and improvisational. My studies and experiences have given me a broad range of skills, allowing me to express my artistic vision.
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This piece represents the musicality of flowers. The saxophone plays music while the flowers sing and dance. Each flower, each leaf, each branch has its own passage in the music performance. Dyes on Silk, 28"x24"
Pyramid Lake Dyes on Silk, 22"x16"
This landscape was inspired by the beautiful Russian River Volga. While I was traveling over the Volga River, I stopped to capture in my memory the greatness and of this lovely landscape. The broad river running on one side, the road coming away, the hills in the background, and the various stones and grasses under the feet make you feel the freedom of an amazing journey. 'Volga River' was published in the last issue of Surface Design Journal (Summer 2011). " Since its debut in 1976, the quarterly, full color Surface Design Journal is one of the most prestigious publications on textiles ..." Dyes on Silk, 20"x28"
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