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Beebe, Elyse
Integrated Designer (View Portfolio)
Peru, IN 46970
I am an interdisciplinary designer from Indiana, the land of cornfields and pollen. My BFA was earned from Finlandia University ISAD in Hancock, Michigan. I had several works included in the annual Finlandia University Juried Student Art and Design Exhibition, receiving numerous awards in both Digital Art and Interdisciplinary Design categories. I went even further north to study at Kuopio Academy of Design in Finland and honed my skills in metal jewelry and high-speed photography. My experience there has helped prepare me to work in a dynamic environment where a variety of approaches to the design process are used. As a designer, it is important to me to continually make decisions to identify, define, solve, invent, and shape physical solutions to the problems of living. Design is a part of everyday life. It belongs to, and is intended for everyone, and is often so taken for granted it sometimes becomes unnoticeable. It is doorknobs and silverware, billboards, and bus seats. Being a designer is not just a career choice, it is a state of mind.
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Vibrant colors are used to portray the legendary bad boy, James Dean. Done in expressionist style to blend colors in such a way that brings back to life the young hollywood star who's life ended abruptly over fifty years ago. Winner of Digital Art Category at the 2008 Finlandia University Juried Student Art Show.
This is one piece of a five part digital art series called "Camera Manifestation". The series won the Digital Art Category at the 2011 Finlandia University Juried Student Art Show. Each piece is a nostalgic look back from our now digital world paying homage to a variety of retro cameras.
Jewelry is a means of making one's individuality visible. This necklace is meant to be an exploration of materials and an example of inventive reuse. The focus is on manipulating materials in such a way that will draw the viewer in closer to contemplate the original source. It is wearable art that pushes the boundaries. See the rest of the collection at:
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