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Hughes, Jennifer
"zoo" Vocalist, Photographer, Painter (View Portfolio)
Westport, IN 47283
I am Lead Vocalist in a Clasic Rock band doing Covers and Originals. I have painted with acrylics, house paints, water colors and oils on many differents surfaces. Recreating an image as I vision it or see it either through photographs or original ideas.
Art major through high school then turned to interior design. Have painted murals in homes on walls. Have done many paintings of acrylic on canvas, glass, metals, mirrored surfaces, windows and wood. Have experimented with airbrushing on fabrics.
Services Offered
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Email anytime for availabilities.
Fees vary depending on services rendered.
This is a 3'x 4' acylic on canvas I call "L.A. Nights.
"Bridge to Clearwater" done in chalks.
I designed this for a business card or cd cover it is called "unleashed" the guitar is floating in space and coming apart.
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