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black, heidi
Painter And Drawing (View Portfolio)
10041 holiday hill dr
spencer, IN 47460*
Right now I'm trying to establish my self selling my art online.Due to bad food allergies and heart problems,I quit my job at McDonald's and decided to pursue a career in art,slow that it is,but then I just began this last March 2009.
Grew up in Dayton,Oh.Majored in Art,Graphic Arts,Minor in Photography and took Ceramics and Jewelry for a semesterat Belmont High School.I went to Sinclair Community College for 2 yrs.,Majored in Drawing,Graphic Design,Minored in Painting and Photography. Moved to Indianapolis with my parents Dec.1983 when my Father had a job transfer.Took a Continuing Course in Graphic Design with IUPUI.Was going to take a course in Computor Graphics,but not enough people signed up for the course,so I got my Money back.Then I married and stupidly became a housewife,moved north of Spencer in a small town next to a beautiful park I can walk right into.Became widowed,motorcycle wreck.Married again several yrs.later and wasted my life some more,except for my art even though I didn't draw or paint enough.Became widowed again when my husbands heart went out.Now I live with a wonderful man who is a stone and brick mason.Worked at McD's for almost 5 yrs.Now here I am.Still seems like I don't have time to paint,trying to keep up with housework and pets and making most of my own food.Those allergies I mentioned above are to corn,soy and carrots.This is pretty much a major hassle.Enough about that though.We're here to have fun and make people happy with our art.
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CONTACT ME,PLEASE.I'm normally home during the week,afternoons please,I tend to be a night owl,so I sleep till about 10 or 11AM.Evenings are OK,but CONTACTING Me First is Best.Saturday is Ok. Weekends are usually spent with my Man's family,Mine are in Dayton,OH. Whatever I don't have a job away from home,I just need prompting.Perhaps I should include my Ph.No.765-795-3971 Don't let the Masonry Plus message throw you off.That's my Man's Bus.
Tankards Dayton,OH Cityscape Pastel Drawing
Stillwaters Mountain Lake Watercolor of Photo
Eskimo Arctic Scene Watercolor Mostly My Imagination
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