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Brahaum, Anne
Stained Glass Artist (View Portfolio)
Nashville, IN 47448
I love to use the beauty of stained glass to create everyday usable objects. My functional art can become the centerpiece of a room, such as a beautiful stained glass bowl on the table or glowing light box lantern in the corner, without requiring a sunny window to hang a glass panel. I have recently discovered that glass can also make stunning jewelry, and have enjoyed making "wearable art".
I took many stained glass classes in high school and spent 15 years furthering my skills as a glass hobbyinst before entering the realm of glass professional.
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This lamp is 8 inches square, made with complementary shades of blue glass. This lamp is equally as stunning with the light on or off. The four sides and top are made with differing square and rectangle pieces of glass. Holes have been included throughout each panel to allow for escaping heat from the bulb. Soldered inside is a lamp, bulb included, with a switch along the cord to turn the lamp on and off.
This unique bowl is made from a beautiful hammered green cathedral glass. The soldering around the edge of the bowl is a decorative technique that further adds to the beauty of the bowl. The bowl measures 12 inches across. At the edges, it is raised 1.5 inches. This bowl can be used to display any number of items, but should not be used to serve porous foods due to the lead in the solder and the chemicals used to seal it.
This stained glass necklace is made from a red waterglass embellished with differing sized silver circles. The glass circle measures about 5/8 of an inch in diameter.
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