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Glover, Sarah
Martinsville, IN 46151
I paint what I feel by using oil, and acrylic paints. I use strong colors that group together well. I enjoy painting outdoor scenes that reflect weather. I also paint famous musicians. I love to paint emotion, so when you look at the painting you can actually feel the deep emotional connection between you and the painting. I also like to paint abstract, using bold, unusual colors that I mix myself. I like to take a blank canvas and just go crazy with my imagination. I paint in no direction, sometimes I just go with the flow of the brush and whatever happens, happens. I am also a crafter. I take old objects that are usually trash to most people and turn them into something beautiful and great. I get most of my objects, furniture, odds and ins at antique stores, yard sales, and salvation army. I also take pictures. I have an eye for the outdoors and animals. I also enjoy capturing images of people and their everyday work. I also work with ceramics.

Ref Id: 9065

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