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Brown, Mary
Artist In Stain Glass (View Portfolio)
Aurora, IN 47001
I am a self-taught stained glass artist who has been working in this beautiful medium for the last ten years. Iíve created many of my own design patterns and use others that I find to be creatively inspirational. There is an emotional connection, a passion, for creating art in glass. I never put limits on anything I do. I use the copper foil method exclusively and insist on making a piece look 3-D. You will see free form designs more often in my work than a square frame. I like to see the detail and definition of the piece. The colors, textures, and variations in glass help to inspire and motivate me. I like to incorporate jewels, stones, anything to add interest or character to the piece. Iím always learning something new with glass. My earlier pieces were typically one-dimensional but I quickly discovered ways of making the piece look more real by soldering pieces on top of each other or turning the glass at different angles. I also add decorative soldering when I can or when I think it makes the piece more interesting. I found doing plates or vases to be a lot of fun because they could all be different in so many ways; not just in the glass design or colors but the soldering as well. Glass has been a wonderful creative outlet for me. I consider all my projects to be custom pieces because no two pieces of glass are alike. I also like to do portraits of people and animals. I have a rather large family so I have had lots of practice with different faces. I love the idea of a portrait in glass. They make wonderful, meaningful gifts that will last for many years. They truly are one of a kind.
Iíve been in several shows over the last five years. I have been commissioned to design and create medallions for the Swiss Wine Festival in Vevay, Indiana. The wineries are very proud of their original medals made exclusively for them. I enjoyed having an exhibit at the Madison Chautauqua this year for the first time. Itís great hearing what people have to say about my artwork because I love when they see in my glass what it is I feel. Exhibited my Glass Art at Signatures in Vevay, Indiana during the month of May, 2009.
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Just email me and I will get back with you.
Most of my work is custom so the pricing is done at the time. Some of the Stained Glass is done so I can give you prices on my finished work.
From Pictures to Stain Glass Art for you to enjoy.
These were some of my pieces at the Chataqua Festival in Madison, Indiana
A whimsical fairy, just one of many art pieces.
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