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Barton, Lori
Painter (View Portfolio)
Darlington, IN 47940
I have no limited style and look for inspiration in my surroundings and work mainly with watercolor's. More often than not inspiration finds me and not vice versa. I enjoy working with larger canvases most often working in 22x30 and larger works. By not limiting myself to one particular style I feel my emotion and feelings for the subject(s) are more easily expressed.
I have no formal training but have found wonderful resources for learning via the internet and our local Arts center. I am the recipient of a Best of Show award during the 2008 Back to the Fifties festival for my watercolor on yupo, "She Turned Around." I also recently participated in the 2008 juried art show in Crawfordsville, IN.
Services Offered
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Assisting in Planning Arts Events
  • Commission Works
Available by email any time, by phone on Monday,Friday and Saturday.
Prices vary by work/commision. Please feel free to contact me, as an aspiring artist I am very open to negotiation.
She Turned Around: Watercolor on Yupo. Best of Show for Watercolor in 2008 Back to the Fifties Festival art show, Lebanon, Indiana.
Prairie Storm: Watercolor Exhibited during 2008 Juried Art show, Crawfordsville, Indiana.
Koiosity: Watercolor
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