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Bowling, Winnifred
Aurora, IN 47001
I am a painter who also teaches watercolor classes. I teach periodically in the Boone CO. Libraries in N. Ky. In addition, I teach in our local art guild's gallery.
I am a member of the Cincinnati Watercolor Society. I am a member of the Southeastern Indiana Art Guild and have accepted the office of treasurer for the following year. I am one of the local artists who were commissioined by Mainstreet Aurora to paint murals throughout our beautiful river town. This year, in our juried art show, I won 2 red ribbons ( 2nd place). Last year one of my paintings received an honorable mention.
Services Offered
  • Teach Art Form
  • Offer Works for Sale
I am retired and can usually work around my present schedule.
Presently I am offering a 2 hour class for $15.00. I have been supplied watercolor paints from a company, so supplies are furnished for the time being.

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