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Borders, Brian
Indianapolis, IN 46208
My entry in to the art scene started by painting abstract designs on vinyl flooring remnants. These became mats and runners. Primed and painted, the designs were sealed or protected with several coats of polyurethane. I have since switched over to heavy weight canvas. As an exciting option, obviously, canvas is more amenable to hanging from an aesthetic point of view. I have recently begun focusing more energy on wall art, incorporating different elements to create more dimension. The themes in my work tend to incorporate geometric images, in patterns, often repeating in a slightly irregular fashion, evolving just slightly within the space allotted. It is The Process that is intriguing to me and the relationship between the objects—in the small and in full view. I have extracted smaller parts from some of my busier works and enlarged them to become independent works that have a life of their own.
I have exhibited at Avon Art Fair, Broad Ripple Art Fair, Carmel International Arts Festival, and Penrod. Due to art fair exposure, I have received numerous commissions for paintings.
Services Offered
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  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Commission Works
Contact me by email any time. Or reach me by phone any time during the day or early evening.

Ref Id: 8884

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