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Berg, Bill
Craftsman, Luthier (View Portfolio)
408 Washington St
Columbus, IN 47201
Handcraft appalachian-style and ethnic musical instruments from fine quality woods. A luthier craftsman making handmade mountain dulcimers, hammered dulcimers, psalteries, and lap harps. Folk traditional musical instruments.
Since the early seventies, I have been handcrafting musical instruments. Growing up in Chicago and doing an apprenticeship under a violin maker gave me the desire of creating instrument to produce such beautiful music. Discovering the mountain dulcimer and making these traditional folk musical instruments became a passion for me. I began making other instruments and started showing at festivals all over the United States. Many musicians such as Rich Mullins have played my dulcimers on stage. Over the years, I have participated in Penrod, Talbott Street, and Chatauqua Arts shows and in Bloomington with the Lotus Fair. For over twenty years I had a shop in Nashville, Indiana in Brown County and opened a shop in downtown Columbus, Indiana in 2002. Recently closed the shop in Nashville and now just have the shop in Columbus which continues to draw people from all over to get their still handcrafted instruments. I have been featured in many newspapers like the Indianapolis Star, the Brown County Democrat and The Republic as well as many Illinois papers some years back.
Services Offered
  • Doing demonstrations
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
The best time is during the winter months because of the cold weather and working with the woods. Also this is the slower time of the seasons.
Gas, travel time if travel is involved. Or a $25 fee for workshop trainings in these instruments.
Bill Berg with a display of his handmade musical instruments - on left the bowed psaltery, middle top a mountain dulcimer, middle bottom a lap harp, the right top a hammered dulcimer, and the right bottom a partially finished mountain dulcimer.
Bill Berg in his work shop inspecting a beginner model mountain dulcimer. One of his favorite places to be.
Bill Berg putting together one of the beautiful handcrafted hammered dulcimers.
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