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Clendening, Carol
Bloomington, IN 47403
I have been painting under the pseudonym, NORTHWOOD, since 1990, NORTHWOOD is a derivation of my family name, Nordholt. As the owner of an interior design firm, INTERIORS, INC., for twenty three years, and placing my work in both commercial and residential projects, I feel the art should speak first, letting the surrounding compliment the art, with rhythm and flow. I have studied informally with Megan Ueberroth and Michael Teague. The continuing exploration of studies as well as instinct and passion are the significant components in the evolution of the canvas.
For ten years prior to design, I was in advertising. The progession to interior design occurred naturally with a visual and straightforwardness that established success. Along this path, my art evolved and proved extremely benifical to my clients toward the completion of the projects. NORTHWOOD can be found in a number of private collects acrossed the country, as well as Gallery North, Nashville IN,, 812-988-6855. I am associated with Broad Ripple Art and Design.
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I have retired as President and Owner of Interiors, Inc as of 2006. My oils and prints are now a joyous hobby, albeit a hobby that pays for itself.
My oils sell in a range of $300 to $2,800, framed. The limited edition prints range from $45 to $450

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