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Coleman, Patricia
Artist, Poet, Storyteller, Maker (View Portfolio)
Bloomington, IN 47408
I am a maker. I appreciate living in a place where I have the opportunity to explore the natural world intimately and to include it into my creative endeavors. I am constantly in a state of inspiration. In recent years I have been exploring tessellation origami for use as painting and drawing surfaces and for book covers. My knowledge base has increased considerably of how to do botanical dye with an eye toward non-toxic invasive species in the re-purposing of fabrics for clothing and quilting arts. Learning has sometimes been challenging yet it is very rewarding. I have developed, what I think is an original rice paste that is stable in book forms, gluing paper and for paste paint papers. All of this work is contemplation and a desire that all is leading to a destination that is pleasure, full of more discovery and joy. Making, creating, blending of herbal tisanes, making beer jelly, coffee jelly, wine and herbal jelly all this crafting, is how I sing my heart song. I feel it is a good song with lots of artistic twist and turns and that the excitement can connect with a lot of other hearts. Some images and ideas take instant form and others I circle around for years before they come into focus. I imagine that my explorations are a journey through the intangible emotional connections between all beings and existence. Ideas are made manifest through my creative play and pulse my good intention through creation. Recently an imprint of Hummingbird Press my book arts press, Crow Dancing Art released its first published book, Birds of A Feather, a chapbook of poems by 5 Women Poets. Art making has wrapped me in unconditional love. I long ago decided that I would live life radiating a great YES to inspiring ideas and that has been a great gift to me.
I have lived in the Indiana woodlands for more than thirty years. Born in Washington, D.C. grew up in a maker family, mother of three, a painter, printmaker, poet, storyteller, book artist, publisher, fiber artist, educator, writer, audio describer, ceremonial object maker, voice artist, peace worker and owner of Quilter’s Comfort offering herbal blends of teas, seasonings, body care products and gourmet beer, herbal, coffee and wine jelly. I would enjoy Quilter’s Comfort products even if they were not mine. It is exciting that my teas are on the menu at the Runcible Spoon and Player’s Pub and that Wheat Ale Jelly is on the menu on an appetizer at Upland Brewery. Currently connected to the Bloomington Area Artist Guild, Writers Guild of Bloomington, Bloomington Storytellers Guild, Board of Directors of the Farmer House Museum In the past I have been a featured poet, storyteller, program and workshop coordinator, events planner for arts and wellness and presenter in schools and libraries; on radio programs and at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the John Waldron Arts Center, the Stone Song and Lotus World Music Festivals and the Iowa State Women's Center. I attended Howard University, University of Washington, D.C. and the University of Arizona. I have taught art and poetry classes at the John Waldron Arts Center and as a workshop presenter. I’ve had the opportunity to be art teacher for the DePaul School for dyslexic students, to work with clients living with Alzheimer’s and brain injury. I have also on a few occasions been a guest lecturer at Indiana University. I was a member of the Bellevue Gallery, maintaining the web blog and participating in a few exhibits throughout the year. I am founder of the Green Dove Peace Network. I am also the facilitator of Poets for Peace and the producer and host of the Runcible Spoon Poetry Series. My work is in public and private collections in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, England, Finland and other locations. A complete biography is available from the artist upon request.
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    Currently I offer a variety of classes and workshops with a focus on contemplation and arts to support wellness. I am available to facilitate one on one, for group activities, public exhibitions, technique demonstrations, group presentations and performances that can involve any of the following any combination of poetry, storytelling and art. Please contact for more information. Join mailing list at
Please contact me at .
Wool Lap Quilt - repurposed wool and wool blend fabric, botanical dye pieces with a cotton flannel back from a reuse store with top and bottom edge trim of silk repurposed from thrift shop, thread, unbleached cotton batting.
Poplar Botanical Dye Print on repurposed silk repurposed from thrift shop. Apple wood bar and artificial sinew string.
Square Weave Rice Paste Pastel #1 - Cotton fabric with rice paste design pleated in square weave, pellon.
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